Barossa, Light and Lower North Region Open Space, Recreation and Public Realm Strategy: Technical Paper 1 Context Report and Technical Paper 2 Consultation Report

There are two repots under this entry. The first (Context Report) provide a background and context for the overall project. It identifies the aims and the challenges of the study, details previous research and work that has been undertaken and discusses a contextual approach to the open space, public realm and ecology of the Study Area. Significant information for this work has been drawn from a review of literature and this has been the source of base data for the demographic and growth components of the report. The unique aspects of the region have been identified and considered along with current trends in recreation, sport, open space and society in general. A classification and hierarchy of open space, public realm and the environment is also proposed which will bring a consistent approach to the groupings of open space and public infrastructure. Importantly, this approach will also support the analysis required to develop the actions and strategies in the final report. The review of literature has been undertaken to provide a solid background to the project and to the Study Area. The second document is the Consultation Report. As a result of the diversity of both the project and the area, each of the members of the Project Team, which includes One Eighty SLS, Jensen Planning + Design, Tonkin and Rural Solutions SA, has contributed to the review of relevant documentation.



Geographic Coverage

South Australia


oneeighty sports and leisure solutions (for Barossa Council): 2013