Trails and Cycling 2016-21 Strategic Management Plan

The Trails and Cycling Strategic Management Plan provides direction ensuring an integrated connected network across the city. It reflects the City of Onkaparinga’s placemaking, economic development, transport and healthy active lifestyles objectives as well as demand and growth areas. The hierarchy and principles have guided the trails and cycling maps and will continue to influence future development.
The city’s trails and cycling network provides a diverse and unique blend of accessible land, air and water based experiences. The City of Onkaparinga trails and cycling network reflects our environment and the experiences sought by users and will continue to provide for the following in response to demand: recreational cycling, training and fitness cycling, commuter cycling, mountain bike riding, horse riding, hiking, rock climbing, recreational walking, commuter walking, kayaking and canoeing, scuba and snorkelling.
In 2017 the City of Onkaparinga provides approximately 110km of off road shared use paths with a replacement value in excess of $12M and 149km of trails. The Trails and Cycling Strategic Management Plan has been informed by research and recognises the emerging issues outlined below. It also acknowledges the need to be sustainable and consequently proposes significant experience based network expansion as well as cost effective construction and maintenance methods.



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City of Onkaparinga : 2017