Social Impact Assessment (SIA) for Queensland’s Local Governments: A Resource Kit

The overall objective of this report is “To increase the commitment and capacity of Local Governments to assess social impacts in development assessment processes.”

The focus is on Local Government’s development assessment processes. These processes take place within the broader context of Local Government’s planning policies and State Government planning policy and legislation. These broader contexts are examined, but the emphasis is on ways of making development assessment processes more sensitive to the social aspects of planning.

The goal is to provide an integrated package of materials that begins with an examination of the social issues in land use planning, and then introduces social impact assessment as one means of addressing these in the development assessment process. The focus then shifts to examining these issues in the Queensland local government context, and considering issues of practice and implementation within local authorities.



Geographic Coverage

Nominally Queensland but with wider relevance.


The report (scanned at 152.1 MB, then reduced to 64 MB, then further compressed to 26 MB with some loss of resolution) is dated September 1996 and is labelled Version 2.0. The first edition was published in 1994. As this report is copyright, it has not been uploaded to the Library but access can be negotiated with PaRC or the Local Government Association of Queensland.


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