Webinar: As Nature Intended: Bringing nature into play in the 21st Century

In a modern age where children will never experience a world without screens, it’s important to understand the importance of intentionally connecting to nature. When access and appreciation for nature is facilitated in the critical early stages of development, the community and the environment benefit tenfold. From a fostered passion for sustainability to improved health, wellbeing, and cognitive function, incorporating nature into play is instrumental in developing the citizens of tomorrow.

In this webinar, learn about the building blocks of nature play, the latest research and case studies that explore successful implementations of nature play sites in open spaces, the behaviours that drive children to engage in nature play and the checklist for building effective nature play sites in an urbanised world.

Speaker: Justin Edwards
Managing Director, KOMPAN Australia

Justin leads the KOMPAN Australia team to create quality outdoor activity sites across the country, and has over a decade of experience enriching parks, schools and urban areas with play & fitness structures in the APAC region. Informed and inspired by its Fitness and Play Institutes, playground projects led by Justin are grounded in research and utilise a global network of fitness and play academics to design the equipment. Topics explored in the Institutes include community-focused play, early childhood development, intergenerational health, accessible & inclusive facility design and more.



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