bush neighbours – your guide to understanding, enjoying and protecting our wonderful natural bushland areas

Once part of a vast natural landscape that stretched right across the continent, many of our bushland reserves are now islands in a sea of houses. Without careful management, plants and animals will continue to disappear and the wonderful natural qualities of our bush will be lost as: o Weeds out-compete native plants. o Vandalism, such as dumping and mowing, destroys native plants and spreads weeds. o Wildlife faces new dangers; eg. foxes, roads and a lack of healthy vegetative cover. o Passive recreation and overuse by people erodes or compacts soil and tramples plants.
Repairing and protecting Knox City Council employs specialist staff to manage our bushland reserves. We spend most of our time: o Controlling weeds and encouraging natural regeneration of bushland. o Expanding bushland by replacing adjacent areas with local native species. o Supporting volunteers and friends groups. o Providing visitor facilities and materials, such as track signage and brochures. o Managing bushfi re risk. o Monitoring feral animals, such as foxes, so the reserves are safer for native animals. o Managing projects and planning for the future. New challenges for our bush
As a bush neighbour, you are in a special position to know and enjoy our wonderful natural areas, and to help them through the changes they face as part of an urban landscape. It also means you hold the key to their protection.



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