Campbelltown City Council (NSW) Commercial Fitness Policy

The Commercial Fitness Providers Policy aims to encourage the use of open space for all residents and provide opportunities for private fitness operators to use public open space for their activities.
Campbelltown City Council actively promotes healthy activity and encourages residents to utilise local parks and infrastructure for exercise, leisure and family activity. Commercial Fitness Training has become one of the strongest growth sectors within the fitness industry. Outdoor fitness has significantly increased in recent years in the Campbelltown Local Government Area with Commercial Fitness Trainers utilising the parks, public reserves, public open spaces, and sporting grounds. The need to regulate use of public open space by all members of the community has been identified and this policy addresses the impact on the high level of use of Council–Ys assets and public liability and risk concerns.
The policy for the ~Ac^AEUR^AzUse of Public Open Space by Commercial Fitness Trainers” applies to Campbelltown City Council managing its public open space within the Local Government areas including all parks, public reserves, public open spaces, footpaths, cycleways, Simmo–Ys Beach and sporting grounds. The scope of this policy refers to all fitness training activities conducted on these properties.


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Campbelltown City Council NSW: 2017