City of Port Adelaide Enfield, SA – Tourism Strategy and Action Plan

There are many reasons to visit the City of PAE; to learn, to play, to celebrate, to remember, to indulge or to relax. Whatever the reason for visiting the City of PAE, IT offers top quality, diverse and enjoyable experiences that are unique within South Australia. Tourism contributes greatly to the City of PAE’s economy and is a major driver of our unique brand. The 2020 Tourism Strategy and Action Plan has been developed to provide a road map to growing tourism across the City of PAE region. The City of PAE has some of the most unique tourism offerings in South Australia, including Aboriginal “Kaurna” cultural sites. This Strategy aims to assist collaboration between businesses, tourism providers, City of PAE and peak bodies. A collaborative approach to the promotion and high level coordination of the regional tourism offering has the potential to significantly increase the jobs associated with tourism and the total economic value of tourism in the City of PAE region. In 2014/15, total tourism and hospitality sales in the City of PAE was $284.8million. The sector employed 2,000 people and supported 4,421 businesses. The City of PAE offers some of the State’s finest historical buildings, museums, maritime assets, tall ships and landmarks, together with a wealth of parks, cultural facilities, beaches, restaurants and recreational areas.
To ensure the growth of the tourism sector within the City of PAE, the strategy has been developed based on four strategic priority areas, which include; ^aEURc Priority Area 1: Driving Demand: to increase the desirability of the City of PAE region as a travel destination, inspiring more people to visit, stay longer and spend more. ^aEURc Priority Area 2: Working collaboratively – to effectively work together with and build collaboration amongst our stakeholders to grow tourism in the region. ^aEURc Priority Area 3: Supporting our tourism industry to enhance the visitor experience – every visitor has a positive, memorable experience by building the experience base in the City of PAE. ^aEURc Priority Area 4: Using events to drive visitation – to make visiting the City of PAE a year-round proposition for leisure travellers. Sitting under these priority areas are a number of actions that will ensure the strategy becomes a reality. The tourism industry has been identified as a key growth market for the South Australian economy. The City of PAE is well positioned to be at the forefront of the local tourism industry. As the gateway for all Adelaide cruise ships, the City of PAE region has a strategic advantage in capturing this market and building a point of difference from other South Australian regions. It is an exciting time for tourism in the City of PAE, and this strategy will aim to facilitate the connections between businesses, the tourism industry, state and local government, so the tourism offering in the region is coordinated, effective and becomes a must see destination for local, domestic and international visitors alike.



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City of Port Adelaide Enfield, SA: 2020