Coastal Management Plans (2017-2022) City of Port Adelaide Enfield

EBS Ecology was engaged by Port Adelaide Enfield (PAE) Council in 2012 to produce management plans for Semaphore Dunes, Largs Bay Dunes, Taperoo Dunes, Osborne Dunes and North Haven Dunes. EBS has again been engaged to produce a revised, consolidated management plan, covering all five council areas. From herein, the five management areas, as listed above, will be referred to as the LeFevre Peninsula Coastal Dune System. This revised Coastal Management Plan (CMP) (2017-2022) outlines the biodiversity assets and the threatening processes existing within the areas managed by the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. The aim of this CMP is to provide a continued practical resource document for community and land managers to assist in achieving on–ground works that enhance current native vegetation and biodiversity assets, together with recreation opportunities. For the purpose of the updated CMP, the five council areas will now be combined when discussing all elements of management including issues and mitigation, including the action plan.
Located north-west of Adelaide along the coast dune systems is a part of an extensive dune system running from Semaphore south to North Haven. All five management areas link together along the coastline managed by the City of Port Adelaide Enfield (PAE). Widespread urbanisation has led to native vegetation fragmentation along the coastline and the introduction of invasive plants and animals, which have placed significant pressure on biodiversity values within the area. The management of native vegetation within Adelaide’s metropolitan coastline remains a conservation priority, particularly given that much of the region has been heavily modified. As urban development expands, there is increasing pressure on landscapes to provide for public recreation and open space. The information contained and updated as part of this plan, will assist land managers in making key decisions towards the long term conservation and management of biodiversity values within the area.



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