Cultural Tourism Strategy 2020 – 2025

The Clare and Gilbert Valleys Cultural Tourism Strategy provides a framework for Council and the community to increase the cultural vitality of the region and bolster the region’s position as a cultural tourism destination. It articulates a vision that encourages individuals, community and business collectives to work together, capitalise on current strengths and build capacity. It presents a range of opportunities to test innovative cultural tourism approaches. It will foster an evolution in the region’s cultural credentials in a way that attracts investment, encourages growth in tourism and creative industries and ultimately attracts an increased number of visitors to the region who stay longer and spend more. This document: o Presents a vision for cultural tourism in the region and articulates how growth provides both cultural and economic benefit. o Identifies areas of cultural strength in the region and articulates how these can be enhanced to create further opportunities in the creative industries and increase visitation. o Encourages buy-in and better informs the community about the opportunities presented through cultural tourism in the Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council area. o Outlines strategic actions including pilot projects that build the local capacity to create and present cultural tourism experiences and demonstrate value on a community and industry level.



Geographic Coverage

South Australia


Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council: 2020