Cycling Strategy 2013-2018

Council developed the outgoing Darebin Cycling Strategy in 2005 The concepts in the 2005 strategy are still applicable, but the context has changed over the last seven years of growth in Darebin. During this time, Council has adopted two important new strategies: Going Places – The Darebin Transport Strategy 2007 – 2027 (DTS) and the Darebin Safe Travel Strategy 2010 – 2015 (DSTS), along with relevant policies and structure plans. The DTS highlights how effective cycling and walking are in creating strong social networks, local accessibility and a vibrant economy, while reducing the negative environmental impacts of motor vehicle travel. The DSTS demonstrates that pedestrians and people on bicycles cause the least harm on the road and need more protection from higher impact modes such as cars, motorcycles and trucks. This Darebin Cycling Strategy has been developed collaboratively with various stakeholders. The development process included two stages of public consultation, followed by reviews by community and Council working groups, and consideration by the Darebin Bicycle Advisory Committee (DBAC).



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