Glen Rock Catchment Protection and Water Production Assessment

In 1995, the Queensland Government purchased ‘Glen Rock’, a working cattle property near Gatton, as part of an ongoing strategy to preserve open space in South East Queensland. Responsibility for the management of State land lies with the Queensland Department of Natural Resources (DNR). To ensure the sustainable future use and management of the property, DNR has commissioned the Forest Planning and Sustainable Use Unit to assist with the preparation of a management plan for Glen Rock.

There are a number of planning and environmental values, which need to be considered in formulating policies for future land use, development and management. It is the purpose of this report to assess one of these values – Catchment Protection and Water Production. With this aim in mind, the following objectives were formulated:

1. To develop a suitable methodology to assess the Catchment Protection and Water Production value; and
2. To apply the methodology to the plan area – Glen Rock.

Major conclusions arising out of the Assessment include:

1. Planning units (PUIDs) with the higher scores are generally situated adjacent to or in the headwaters of Blackfellow Creek. The planning units that achieved the highest water quality ratings (i.e., score 6), were PUID #1, which is located at the entrance of the property and PUID #70 situated in the headwaters of Blackfellow Creek. These areas achieved scores of 6.9 and 6.3 respectively. Given the sensitivity of these planning units, it is recommended that any form of intensive development proposed for these areas be thoroughly scrutinised.

2. There is a lack of hydrologic and water quality data, with only one rainfall station and no stream gauging stations located within the property. The Assessment Team believes that the collection of baseline information is critical in order to make informed management decisions and recommends that the RMG gives consideration to the establishment of rainfall and/or stream gauging stations and that regular water quality sampling be undertaken on the property.

3. There are three cattle dips located on the property near Main, Abbott’s and Top Yards. It is recommended that an assessment be made of these areas to determine whether or not they are likely to pose a significant risk to the water quality of streams, particularly Blackfellow Creek.

4. The Assessment Team also recommend that weed control be given a high priority. It has been noted that there are significant infestations of noxious weeds on the property (e.g., lantana), particularly in the riparian areas adjacent to watercourses.



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Myers, David (Author)


Queensland Department of Natural Resources: 2001