Glen Rock Nature Conservation Assessment

The Glen Rock property of 6,300 hectares lies adjacent to the Main Range National Park, an area recognised internationally as World Heritage. The combinations of vegetation, fauna, geology, landform and climate have been described in terms of Regional Ecosystems (REs). Of the ten REs on the property, 6 have been recognised as being significant. Some ecosystems have become quite degraded while others are in a relatively undisturbed

To assist in decision making in relation to considering various land use and management options, collections and analysis of the nature conservation data was undertaken by a Resource Assessment Team comprising staff of the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and the Department of Natural Resources. Using the Nature Conservation Assessment Model, Regional Ecosystems (REs) and species of plants and animals were evaluated for their ‘Inventory’ or ‘Book’ value. Each Planning Unit (PUID) is inventoried and then assessed for its ‘Current’ value based on the existing condition of the REs and species in the PUID. Assessment of current condition was based on disturbance and viability measures made either directly or indirectly. The data required to apply the model were drawn from various sources. Some data were collected from fauna and flora surveys conducted specifically for the planning exercise and other data were obtained from more general data bases.

A total of around 12,000 records covering 1,268 species was derived for the study area, of which approximately 1,400 records and 530 species fell within Glen Rock. Appendix 2 lists all the species for the study area and Maps 3, 4 and 5 display their locations. The relevant species and RE information can be found in Appendix 4A, B & C.



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