Glen Rock Regional Park Outdoor Recreation Potential Report Volume 1

The aim of this report is to help inform the Glen Rock Regional Park management planning process with regard to the suitability of several outdoor recreation activities, in terms of land use allocation and management practices. Throughout this management planning process, this information will be combined with other land use reports that have been compiled in relation to the other values inherent in the property, in order to provide the public with the most appropriate combination of land uses. Therefore, this report seeks to provide that process with appropriate information that can ultimately enhance the quality of decision making.
Volume 1 of this report contains the assessment of the property in terms of its outdoor recreation potential, as well as recommendations to help inform the management plan. The outdoor recreation assessment was based upon dividing the property into a series of discreet areas defined in this report as ‘planning units’, and a subsequent landscape classification of each of those areas in terms of their biophysical, social and managerial attributes. This landscape classification of such recreation settings is essential, bearing in mind that each combination of setting and activity provides a different recreation opportunity and experience, and which therefore requires a different management response. Each planning unit was then assessed using a 10 point scale in order to determine its suitability in relation to the range of recreation activities in question. In such cases where the outdoor recreation value for the planning unit gained a score of ‘7’ and above, a recommendation has been made for those involved in finalising the management planning process to give serious consideration to accommodating that particular activity in that particular setting. The recommendations have suggested that consideration be given to accommodating the provision of new opportunities for camping, four-wheel driving, horse riding, walking and outdoor education.
Section 9 of Volume 1 discusses the recreation data and assessment within the context of the master PUIDs.



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Volume One – Project Report and Recommendations
Appendix 4G, Attachment 1- Outdoor Recreation Field Trip Recommendations


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