Great Public Spaces Guide; Public Spaces Evaluation Tool for Public Space and Public Life

Evaluation Tool for Public Space and Public Life and Great Public Spaces Guide One way we aim to help address the quality of public space is the Great Public Spaces Toolkit (Toolkit). The Toolkit is a collection of free resources to support local and state government, industry and the broader community. The department is developing resources that anyone can use to support planning, managing and creating better and more vibrant public spaces. The Evaluation Tool for Public Space and Public Life (Evaluation Tool) is the first resource in the Toolkit, and more case studies, tools and guidance will be added over time. The Evaluation Tool can be used by anyone who wants to better understand the strengths and areas for improvement of a public space. The tool takes people through a series of questions to identify how they use public spaces. This information can be used to inform future planning, design, and investment and to improve public space for everyone. The Evaluation Tool is also supported by the Great Public Spaces Guide (Guide), which is an introduction to understanding the meaning of public space and place, and the elements that contribute to creating a great public facility, open space or street.



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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment: 2021