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Minimum Facility Requirements are provided as a schedule to the Rules of Competition, the guidelines provide specific details as to the minimum facility requirements for community competitions in Victoria. the lighting guide has been developed to provide general guidance to local Councils, clubs and associations in Victoria to assist them floodlighting projects. The Construction and Management Guideline provides general guidance to clubs and associations to assist them to construct and maintain grass football playing fields in the best condition possible. The objective of this manual is to provide guidelines for the management, upgrade and construction of football pitches, to be used by Local Government Authorities along with those involved with the management and the construction of football pitches. Next there is a Field Dimensions and Pitch Markings Guide which is designed to ensure football fields are marked correctly, and the supporting equipment is fit for purpose across Victoria. Finally the Football Facilities Building Development Guide has been developed to assist Local Council Authorities, consultants, building designers, developers, clubs and associations to plan and deliver successful facility projects.



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