Healthy Parks Healthy People: the state of the evidence 2015

Nature’s goods and services are the ultimate foundations of life and health. A key mechanism for accessing the health benefits of nature is through parks.
This report has reviewed the post-2008 literature in relation to the health benefits of parks and natural spaces. Findings suggest that access to safe, high quality green space benefits individuals across every stage of the lifespan, enhancing their physical, mental, social and spiritual health and wellbeing. Accessing parks and green spaces may be particularly beneficial for specific community groups, including Indigenous Australians, those from CALD communities and people with disabilities.
Overall, the evidence connecting parks and health is substantial, offering strong justification for the promotion of, and investment in, parks as settings that enhance the health and wellbeing of community members across their lifespan.
The current state of evidence constitutes a solid knowledge foundation but, with some areas in need of further exploration, supports ongoing targeted research into the connections between nature and health in order to ensure the optimal benefits of parks for human health and wellbeing continue to be realised.



Geographic Coverage

New Zealand, Australia-wide


Henmderson-Wilson, Claire (Author); Warner, Elyse (Author); Weiss, Lauren (Author); Townsend, Mardie (Author)


Parks Victoria: 2015