Identifying the Influence of Leisure-Based Social Circus on the Health and Well-Being of Young People in Australia

The purpose of this study was to identify how leisure-based participation in social circus-arts may impact the health and well-being of children aged between 8 and 14 years in Australia. Research regarding the influence of arts participation has shown positive health outcomes. Performing and visual arts have been used as therapy, in illness prevention and for the promotion of good health. However, a gap in knowledge currently exists regarding the influence participation in the circus-arts may have for Australian youth in the general population. This qualitative study collaborated with a community embedded, not-for-profit, South Australian Circus School. Focus group results indicated active participation in circus for leisure, positively influenced children’s mental well-being, aided socialisation skills, encouraged enjoyment of physical activity and built resilience to adversity. Circus participation for leisure may be viewed as a resource for positively influencing participant’s health and well-being.


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Annals of Leisure Research, 22:3, pages 305-322


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Ward , Emily (Author); Stevens, Kristen (Author); McGrath , Richard (Author)


Taylor and Francis online: 2019