Is There Enough Leisure Time? Leisure Studies, Work-Life Balance, The Realm of Necessity and the Realm of Freedom

In economically advanced countries in recent years, working hours of many full-time employees have been static or increasing and there has been talk of people suffering from a “time squeeze”. Researchers in the field of leisure studies have not featured strongly in debates surrounding this issue, having generally shown little interest in the work-leisure time relationships since the 1970s, being preoccupied instead with leisure activity, meaning and experience. However, calls for reduced working hours have been forthcoming from other sources, such as feminists, economists, critical theorists and environmentalists. In this paper it is proposed that leisure studies scholars re-engage with this issue using the Marxian concepts of the “realm of necessity” and the “realm of freedom” as an analytical device.


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World Leisure Journal.Vol 62:2 Pages 89-113


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Veal, Tony (Author)


Taylor and Francis online: 2019