Kingaroy to Theebine Rail Trail Feasibility Study and Business Case

This study assesses the feasibility of redeveloping the closed Kingaroy to Theebine railway line, and associated land corridor, as a rail trail. In this report, the potential rail-trail is called the Kingaroy to Theebine Rail Trail. This feasibility study is intended to inform further community consultation and decision making by the affected local governments and relevant State agencies.



Geographic Coverage



Includes following maps1) Rail Trail & Trail Links – Index to Map Sheet2) Rail Trail & Trail Links – Maps 1 – 133) Map – Proposed Kingaroy to Theebine Rail Trail (KTRT) – Strategic Context4) Map – Infrastructure (Selected Accommodation, Camping and Day Use Facilities) Supporting the Proposed KTRT and Trail Links5) Map – Heritage Locations (National/State) Supporting the Proposed KTRT and Trail Links


Copyright Owner: State of Queensland


Queensland Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning: 2012