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This information sheet, published by the South Australian Recreation Institute in cooperation with the Commonwealth Department of the Arts, Sport, Environment, Tourism and Territories (DASETT) outlines the background, goal and strategy of LOCALMOTION – a project designed to create an environment within the South Australian community which encourages people to become involved in regular recreational activity with people in their local neighbourhood.

Phase one of LOCALMOTION, to be piloted in 1990/91, will promote the activity of Walking as an enjoyable, healthy and social activity in two local government areas of Tea Tree Gully and Woodville, both contrasting socioeconomically, demographically and geographically distinct from each other. The main demographic targetted will initially be the 45 year plus age group with no dependents living at home. LOCALMOTION will utilize resources in the community to encourage participation in these events by working with local Service Groups, e.g. Lions and Rotary, to instill the concept of it being a local initiative. The most important aspect of LOCALMOTION is that it will form a network in the community which the community itself will develop to meet people’s recreational demands.


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