May Moon Reserve Vegetation and Management Report

This 1984 report, published by the Shire of Lillydale documents findings and recommendations to maintain May Moon Reserve (MMR) as a permanent biological reserve.

Key objectives of the report were to:
(i) Determine and describe indigenous and introduced vegetation.
(ii) Ascertain the significance and state of preservation of the vegetation.
(iii) Formulate plans to ameliorate environmental degradation.
(iv) Determine management plans for the area

Key recommendations focused on:
(i) Development of a formal policy to maintain MMR in perpetuity for its biological values
(ii) Public access and weed control management plans
(iii) Involvement of conservation groups and individuals
(iv) Publicity
(v) Weed control
(vi) Fire management


Internal paper

Geographic Coverage



Copyright Owner: State of Victoria


Carr, Geoff (Author)


Shire of Lilydale: 1984