Northern Territory Coastal and Marine Management Strategy

The Northern Territory Government recognises that its coast and seas face a range of challenges to manage the risk of cumulative impacts, to increase economic development, better position Aboriginal landowners in the management of the coastal zone and reduce conflict among user groups.
Management of the Territory’s coast and seas is currently characterised by a suite of legislative arrangements delivered by multiple government agencies, statutory authorities and other land and sea management frameworks. Current management is constrained by a lack of coordination among government agencies, Traditional Owners and user groups. More integrated planning and management of our coast and seas is necessary to improve the environmental outcomes and economic opportunities for Territorians.
Providing a consultative planning framework that enables Aboriginal people to engage in these areas is critical to the future management of the Territory’s coast and seas. Currently, information on the values and condition of the Territory’s coast and seas is either lacking or not easily accessible.
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The challenges and opportunities described above illustrate the need for an integrated management approach that addresses knowledge gaps; builds on and compliments these existing initiatives; maximises engagement and participation across all government and community interests.
The Strategy aims to establish integrated management of our coast and seas over the next 10 years. Initially a set of foundation actions have been identified that focus on establishing governance arrangements, gaining knowledge, improving engagement and consultation processes and developing appropriate management models.



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