2008 SEQ Living Landscapes Forum Regional Landscape And Open Space Committee

The Regional Landscape and Open Space Committee (the Committee) is an independent advisory body to the Hon. Paul Lucas, Minister for Infrastructure and Planning in the Queensland Government. The Committee advises on the provision and management of open space, regional landscape, environment, natural resource and rural production issues in the South East Queensland Regional Plan.

The Committee organised the 2008 SEQ Living Landscapes Forum, in association with the Department of Infrastructure and Planning and the Council of Mayors South East Queensland, with supporting sponsorship from Powerlink, SEQ Catchments and the Scenic Rim Regional Council. Coordination of the Forum was by the Boonah Organisation for a Sustainable Shire.

The objectives of the Forum were to raise the profile of key regional landscape issues, to examine their policy position within State and Local Governments in Queensland, and to disseminate the SEQ experience of managing the regional landscape and rural production areas
to a wider audience.

This draft report commences with a summary of the key aspects raised by the Forum, followed by an analysis of the focus of each of the thematic sessions, with summary comments in relation to the information needs, issues and ideas for development from the groups in the appendices. It
concludes with a summary of the actions recommended by those completing the evaluation form.



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The Forum convened over three days from 10-12 September 2008 in Boonah, with 120 participants drawn from government, professional, academic, business, and community groups, with local, regional, intra-State and interstate representation.


Copyright Owner: State of Queensland


Mackay, Peter (Author)


Queensland Department of Infrastructure and Planning: 2008