An Assessment of Forest Production Potential within Glen Rock Regional Park

This document presents a spatially referenced assessment of the Forest Production potential within Glen Rock Regional Park. This assessment has been conducted to contribute to the Glen Rock Management Planning process. The outcomes of the assessment are a logically derived evaluation in sufficient detail to guide planning decisions and have visible credibility and accountability. In general, the acquisition of substantial new data has not been required, rather, existing resource data sets in combination with relevant professional, technical and local knowledge have been applied to the application of a consistent evaluative framework that has and is being utilised to inform sub-regional forest management
planning initiatives across the state.

The outcomes of the assessment on balance indicate that Glen Rock is a less than average forest production site when considered in the context of Queensland’s forest resources. Individually, selected products such as Melaleuca bracteata seeds do occur in significant quantities and may be commercially viable. Outcomes of the Sawlog and Poles and Fencing and Landscaping Materials assessment indicate that the site is on balance well below average.



Geographic Coverage



Queensland Department of Natural Resources: 2001