Recreation and Leisure Strategic Plan

Recreation and Leisure Strategic Plan

The Southern Grampians Shire Council has developed a 10-year Recreation and Leisure Strategic Plan to guide the community and Council in the planning, development, provision and promotion of sport, recreation and leisure facilities, programs and services. The key strategies and recommendations are guided by Southern Grampians Shire Council Vision from the 2017-2021 Council Plan: That Southern Grampians Shire will be recognised as a well-connected, dynamic Regional Centre, supporting a vibrant, healthy and inclusive community. A strong focus of the directions in the Strategic Plan is that the strategies and recommendations are based on extensive consultation with the Southern Grampians community. The consultation highlighted what we do well, the issues and gaps in existing facilities, programs and services and guided the development of the strategic framework for meeting the future needs and opportunities in recreation and leisure for the Shire for the next 10 years. The Strategic Plan is based on what the community has told us through these consultations to guide sport leisure and recreation in Southern Grampians for the next 10 years. This Summary presents an overview of key components in Sections One to Three and of the Strategic Plan Framework. The detailed strategies and recommendations are provided in Sections Four Current Infrastructure Upgrades and Planning and Section Five The Strategic Plan and Recommendations.



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Otium Planning Group for Southern Grampians Shire Council: 2018