South East Queensland Outdoor Recreation Demand Study (2007)

The 2007 South East Queensland Outdoor Recreation Demand Study (SEQORDS) investigated the nature and extent of participation in outdoor recreation activities by the residents of South East Queensland (SEQ). This study is based on two similar surveys of people living in SEQ: the first
undertaken in 1997 and published in 1998, and the second undertaken in 2001. In mid-2007, a total of 1334 people participated in a telephone survey that recorded details regarding their participation in a range of outdoor recreation activities, how often they had participated, their desire to participate further, and their motivation. In addition, this survey examined the different types of recreation settings in which people choose to recreate and the characteristics of these recreation settings. The results of the survey are provided in this report.
Picnicking remains the most popular activity in SEQ with 58% of respondents having participated in the previous year. However, the median rate of participation was only 3 times per year. Walking or nature study and water activities on the other hand, whilst slightly less popular (35% and 54% respectively), were engaged in more frequently, both having a median of 5 and 8 times respectively per year.
Total activity-events for all outdoor recreation activities in 2001 was 43 697 335. In 2007 the total was 33 223 144. This represents a 33% decrease. The major contribution to the decrease was walking or nature study where there was a 22% decrease in activity-events.



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Kiewa, Jackie (Author); Hales, Robert (Author)


Queensland Government: 2007