Sport Cycling Strategy

The aim of the study was to provide Council with strategic direction to guide its provision of sport cycling facilities to meet the needs of its current and future residents. The objectives of the study included: Provide an outline supply assessment of existing sport cycling facilities throughout Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria. Facilities to be listed will include track cycling, BMX racing tracks, mountain bike and triathlon courses and designated road racing courses. Provide an outline of the event hosting opportunities and requirements across the sport cycling disciplines for regional, state, national and international level events. Undertake consultation to identify participation characteristics of sports cyclists in Casey including demographics, rates in local participation, identify where local participants race, train including the main issues and trends. Identify the current and projected demand for sport cycling in Casey across the various sport cycling disciplines. Provide advice and recommend an appropriate level of facility provision and suitable locations to address the demand for the various sport cycling disciplines including ancillary infrastructure requirements (car parking, lighting, pavilions, track surface, etc). Consideration should be given to creating infrastructure efficiencies for co-locating sport cycling facilities together and / or with other sporting facilities. Taking into consideration population growth and projected demand for the various sport cycling disciplines over the next twenty years provide a timeframe (short, medium and long) for developing key infrastructure across the municipality. Identify land requirements to accommodate the recommended sports cycling facilities and estimate any costs for acquisition. Provide broad direction in relation to promotional and sport development requirements to support the development of sport cycling in Casey. This will include an outline of further strategic work to support the development of sport cycling facilities and the attraction of cycling events to Casey



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Corengal Sport and Leisure for City of Casey: 2014


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