Australian Greenways Declaration 2011

The Declaration provides a national statement about the value of greenways for Australia and Australians and seeks in-principle support from the Commonwealth Government to recognise the Declaration, setting direction to progress formal recognition of and access to

A greenway refers to land and water ways recognised as a public corridor for recreational activities, including tracks and trails. These greenways should meet satisfactory standards and ensure that they are accessible and user-friendly for all, including for active travel.

In light of Australia’s commitment to international agreements around environment and sustainability and to enhance Australia’s first world desire to show leadership and improve our nation’s prosperity through environmental reform, climate change, sustainable urban transport, sustainable tourism, sustainable human settlements, biodiversity and building communities, as reflected in the UN program and investment areas, the Declaration will
serve both as a diplomatic tool and to recognise the significant potential that exists in our community to support and drive a national greenways movement.




The Sixth National Tracks and Trails Conference (an initiative of Trails Australia) endorsed the Declaration of Greenways for
Australia on 2 September 2011, in Sydney.


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Trails Australia: 2011