The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Marketing And Community Engagement Strategy – Technical Reports

The Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation (QORF) was appointed by the Department of Local Government and Planning (DLGP) and the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) Steering Committee to prepare a Marketing and Community Engagement Strategy for the BVRT.

As the project brief was to develop a clear and concise strategy, much of the background and context of the BVRT and its stakeholders have not been included in the Strategy document. Rather, this background and context constitutes three Technical Reports which act as implementation reference documents. These include
1. BVRT Technical Report 1: Information Review (definition, description and context)
2. BVRT Technical Report 2: Community Workshops and Community Survey; and
3. BVRT Technical Report 3: Review of Promotional Planning Strategies.

The findings from these Technical Reports have informed the Strategy development and QORF recommends that readers wishing to understand the context and scope of the research process should read these Technical Reports for further information.



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