Naracoorte Caves Management Plan

Naracoorte Caves Conservation Park is situated 11 km south south east of Naracoorte township. The Park has a total area of approximately 307 ha.

The Park lies within the South-east region of South Australia. Its regional context is essentially one of a karst province, namely one in which the topography and hydrology of the area is determined by the solubility of limestone rock. This has resulted in a diversity of solutional features, including the caves which were the basis for the establishment of the Park. Within this region, experts identify the Naracoorte EnvironĀ­mental Association, characterised by calcarenite dune ridges overlain by sand with narrow and imperfectly drained interdunal areas.

The plan, produced by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, was published in May 1992.

PaRC is also publishing an article by NPWS officer Lindsay Jolley in the Proceedings of the Sixth Australasian Conference on Cave Tourism and Management, held at Waitomo Caves, New Zealand in September, 1985. “SOLICITING PUBLIC COMMENT DURING THE PREPARATION OF THE DRAFT MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE NARACOORTE CAVES CONSERVATION PARK”.



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