PLA x KOMPAN Webinar: Access, play, stay: a checklist for inclusive playspaces

Inclusive playgrounds are beacons of thriving communities. They enshrine equity and well-being for all citizens, young or old, stronger or weaker. While large playground projects are typically planned with high regard for accessibility and useability, neighbourhood playgrounds and pocket parks can sometimes focus on budget, with usability becoming an afterthought.

While this phenomenon is never intended, its prevalence often comes down to simple misunderstandings of what it takes to make playgrounds usable for all. This webinar will go through new scientific research in planning for inclusive play and universal design principles.

Through real-world case studies, it will explore methods of making playgrounds of all sizes fun, challenging and inclusive for all. It will advise simple, practical ways of incorporating inclusive playground planning ideology into our everyday work as parks, recreation and urban planning professionals. Join Jeanette Fich Jespersen, Head of the KOMPAN Play Institute in Odense, Denmark as she explains the importance of inclusive playground design and how to plan your open spaces to be fun, comfortable and valuable to everyone.

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