Turf for Tough Times – Keeping Grass Cover with Less Water

Proceedings of a seminar held at Cleveland, Queensland, 6 June 2007

Developing tough turf—an overview: Dr Don Loch 1

Improving sports field irrigation during drought— lessons from research and development on AFL premier league sports fields in Queensland: Craig Henderson et al 5

Using recycled water for irrigation—valuable resource or risk for soil and turf?: Dr Rachel Poulter 21

So you think you know your soil?: Keith McAuliffe 28

Wear Tolerance Study on Cynodon Cultivars: Matt Roche 31

Rootzone amendments to improve soil moisture relations under newly laid sod: Donald Loch, Rachel Poulter, Alan Duff, and Craig Henderson 35


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Queensland Government


Ed Cynthia Carson; Authors D Loch, C Henderson, R Poulter, K McAuliffe, M Roche, A Duff


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