Venue (SA/NT)


The National Wine Centre of Australia, located in Adelaide is a world-renowned attraction that offers a unique and memorable experience for wine enthusiasts, industry professionals, and tourists alike. The PLA SA/NT Conference and Awards of Excellence will be held in the Exhibition Hall, The Vines Room & The Gallery Room. 

The Exhibition Hall

Is an exquisite event venue that offers a unique winery setting in the heart of the city. The venue’s ambiance is set from the moment guests enter the hall where they are greeted by a stylish bar that serves as an ideal catering and pre-function area. 

The Vines

Is a versatile and well-designed event space that is perfect for hosting a variety of events. The event space opens up onto a spacious outdoor terrace that provides guests with easy access to the Centre’s lush grassed area and the surrounding Botanic Gardens. 

The Gallery

Is a highly versatile event space that can transform to suit your needs. With ample natural light pouring in, the ambiance of the room is warm and inviting, making it a perfect venue for all
types of events. The highlight of this space is its stunning balcony that offers sweeping views of the Botanic Gardens  below.