Parks And Leisure Australia: 2016

We believe this is an argument of economics, investment brings returns and nowhere is the need greater than investment to reduce future costs of health. If health budgets are only considered in the context of treating illness and injury then they will continue to grow unsustainably. Parks and Leisure Australia believes new thinking is needed and all urban policy, infrastructure spending and other investment should be considered in the context of the health dividend that is returned. The following summary of ideas for change support the goal of an active Australia. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these ideas or their practical implementation: 1. Active and Healthy Economy – Jobs investment 2. Focus more on physical activity and less on the weight loss industry 3. Health Investment Dividend 4. The Little Green Pill 5. Be Innovative with old Infrastructure.6. Move Well 7. Black to Green 8. Invest in Place Making Projects 9. Technology- Bring it onside 10. Urban Trails Project

Position paper
Economic issues, Health, fitness and well-being, Infrastructure, facilities and urban environments, Management and governance, Natural resources and environment, Open space and recreation areas, Planning, policy and legislation