A Guide to Fire Management in Queensland

This manual written for an internal audience covers fire management theory and departmental practice. It refers to fire protection on public land. The aims of the manual:
1. Maximise discussion of fire management issues within DNR. 2. Provide a knowledge base of fire management within DNR. 3. Formulate DNR fire management policies and procedures. 4. Provide consistency of fire management policy in DNR. 5. Create common report formats for the individual location-specific fire management plans prepared by DNR. 6. Minimise duplication of effort in the creation of fire management plans in DNR. 7. Encourage a multi-agency approach to fire management.

The aims of an integrated fire management plan:
1. Decrease the risk of wildfires to life, property and environmental assets. 2. Improve ecological management. 3. Increase cooperation between the relevant authorities in fire management. 4. Create multi-agency fire management of the area concerned, where the actions of the different agencies complement one another to achieve mutually agreed goals.

The manual has two parts:
1. Part A discusses the theory of fire management;
2. Part B discusses DNR fire management practices, to form the basis for individual fire management plans by district offices.




This manual was prepared in response to recommendations made under the Audit of Bushfire Strategies for Queensland, tabled in Parliament on 9 September 1994. The strategies identified were to be implemented “immediately” to ensure that fire threats emanating from unallocated State lands and unmanaged reserves pose a minimal risk to human life and property.


Marlow, David (Author)


Department of Natural Resources Queensland: 2000