City Centre Master Plan (Unlocking the potential)

First and foremost, the Darwin City Centre Master Plan is about people, and the plan is an attempt to improve the quality of life of people by improving the range of choices people have in the City Centre of Darwin. The plan aims to build human capital by providing capital investment in infrastructure, built form and facilities. If this is achieved there will be economic and environmental benefits as well as the obvious social benefits. For Darwin to be more liveable, it has to have affordable living and housing, appropriate housing, easy access to jobs, mobility options and comfort (including walking) and adequate services.
The purpose of the Darwin City Centre Master Plan is to provide a roadmap for the development of the Darwin City Centre for the next 20 to 30 years. The Master Plan will let governments plan for new infrastructure, upgrade the existing Public Realm and create certainty for private sector investment and growth. In facilitating growth, the plan identifies opportunities for broader community benefit by providing new education, arts and cultural facilities which will improve quality of life and the attraction of Darwin as a place to live, work and play.



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City of Darwin and Northern Territory Government: 2015