Encouraging Conservation Through Valuation

This report examines the prospect of using property valuation and/or property taxation as an incentive mechanism to encourage conservation of natural heritage and sustainable management of productive land. It concludes that valuation methods based on ‘highest and best use’ act as a perverse incentive to conservation and sustainable use.



Geographic Coverage

Western Pacific Islands, Australia-wide, New Zealand


This book is a ‘must read’ for any planner concerned about the provision of open space in their area of responsibility, any valuer trained in estimating highest and best use, local government councillors when they contemplate setting annual rates, and a range of other practitioners and professionals involved in the protection of open space, scenic amenity, land administration and biodiversity. The book unpicks issues like stewardship incentives, public and private interest, land value taxation, comparative rating systems and property rights. It is grounded in Queensland legislation but the principles are universal.


Skitch, Robert (Author)


Department of Natural Resources Queensland: 2000