Health benefits and associated economic value of parks and park use in Australia – final report

Increasingly people are living in urban areas. As cities grow, land is prized at a premium and with it come challenges to develop sustainable infrastructure. Parks and green spaces are an often-deferred element in this, as the health and economic benefits of parks are largely under-rated and not well understood and evidence is mostly local and specific. In times of increasing obesity, cardiovascular disease and mental health disorders, we need to fully understand the benefits of parks so that we optimise the preventative and remedial impacts they have on health and wellbeing.



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This project was funded by the School of Health and Social Development, Deakin University.


Henderson-Wilson, Claire (Author); Veitch, Jenny (Author); Sia, Kah-Ling (Author); Davidson, Penny (Author); Nicholls, Peter (Author); Staiger, Petra (Author)


Parks and Leisure Australia: 2016