PLA x KOMPAN Webinar: The Art of Placemaking

As parks and leisure professionals, we understand that quality outdoor spaces are key to happy and healthy residents. But how can we take these places one step further to nurture connected, engaged and proud communities?

Join us for an illuminating webinar on “The Art of Placemaking”, where registered Landscape Architect Stacey Hack will explore how placemaking goes beyond physical structures, breathing life into spaces to foster a sense of ownership and empowerment among community members. Learn the art of creating spaces that reflect your community’s identity and values.

In this presentation, understand how well-designed playgrounds and outdoor fitness sites can become epicentres for social interactions. From children’s laughter to fitness enthusiasts bonding, these spaces can catalyse connections that unite diverse groups of residents.

Learn how thoughtful placemaking can inspire a sense of local pride, transforming ordinary sites into landmarks that encapsulate your community’s unique character. Witness how shared spaces can become symbols of collective identity.

Discover successful strategies for involving local residents in the design and maintenance of community spaces and engage in collaborative efforts that strengthen ties, ensuring sustainable and thriving environments.

Through real-world case studies understand the best practices and get actionable insights to elevate the designs of your open spaces and create rich environments for your community to thrive.

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