Lean Thinking in Leisure: Continuously Improving Event Volunteering and Management

The events industry is facing rapid societal change. Issues such as professionalization of the industry, competing funding streams, a crowded market, and decreasing access to volunteer labour are creating an environment of need for solutions. This paper proposes the application of lean thinking as a platform for simplification and continuous improvement in the event industry as a case example of potential broader relevance to the leisure industry. It scopes the event industry context, discusses the concept of lean, and proposes the testing of lean as a philosophy and methodology to assist event organizers and their volunteers navigate the changing event industry context. This paper also examines the potential benefits of lean to time poor volunteers to maximize the value of their participation.


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Annals of Leisure Research, 22:3, pages 362-372


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Abstract included in PLA’s Research Connections article in Parks and Leisure Australia Vol 22.3 Spring 2019


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Hawkins , Clayton J. (Author); Bonney , Michael S. (Author)


Taylor and Francis online: 2019