Leisure and Recreation Studies – an outline for a new applied studies work program

This course manual is an outline for a new applied studies work program in the study of leisure and recreation targetting young people/school leavers. The units outlined in this docuitment are multi-disciplinary in both their derivation and their application. Used as a total set they can constitute a course of studies in their own right or as worthwhile options which assist students in achieving a balanced general education. While not being written to link with related tertiary studies, for some students they may provide a useful introduction. The course may a so provide information to expand existing Board Courses. The studies outlined in this document should be seen as providing opportunities for young people to explore a very important area of their present and future lives in a planned and systematic way.



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Copyright Owner: State of Queensland


O’Connor, Donna-Maree (Author); Glover, Graeme (Author); Land, Ray (Author); Herron, Sue (Author)


Queensland Department of Education: 1985