Nature Activities and Wellbeing in Children and Young People: A Systematic Literature Review

Research suggests that experience of the natural environment may have a range of beneficial outcomes for children and young people. A systematic review of the peer-reviewed empirical literature focused on research involving direct interaction with nature amongst children and young people and its impact on wellbeing; 14 papers, within the domains of childhood and adolescence, were identified for inclusion in the review. Within these domains, a range of wellbeing outcomes were identified and grouped into thematic areas of self-esteem and confidence, positive and negative affect, stress reduction and restoration, social benefits, and resilience. Findings related to wellbeing outcomes were synthesised and critiqued, and research and clinical implications discussed.



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Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning published online


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Roberts, Anna (Author); Hinds, Joe (Author); Camic , Paul M. (Author)


Taylor and Francis online: 2019