Translating NRM planning between the regional and property scales

This paper describes processes for translating the provisions of various forms of resource plans from the regional scale to the property scale and vice versa. The Guideline explains the principles behind conversion of scales and ‘place-based’ planning.

The Guideline is intended to assist regional bodies and planning staff of departments and local governments in making their plans relevant to landholders; to encourage district-scale planning; and to nourish property planning by landholders. A sequential and logical connection between planning and implementation is particularly emphasised by clarifying the purpose of planning at the various scales.


Internal paper

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Australia-wide, Queensland

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Handbook of resource planning guidelines; Guideline C5


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Stockwell, Brian (Compiler); Edwards, Geoff (Issuer); Armstrong, Pam (Compiler); Pressland, Tony (Authoriser)


Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, Queensland: 2004