Trees on the Farm

This brochure provides a step by step guide on how to plant trees. Trees can modify the climate of a farm to give more pleasant conditions to man, his animals and crops, and at the same time add to its attractiveness and value. When animals are shaded by trees from the hot sun or sheltered from cold winds less of their energy intake is dissipated and is used to increase their productive capacity. Evaporation from tree-sheltered dams is less, crops and grass in tree-sheltered paddocks grow better and erosion is less likely. Living conditions in and around houses can be improved by planting windbreaks to slow down the cold winds of winter and reduce heat losses. The hot winds of summer can be cooled by shade trees. Birds will find living space and food in the windbreak and reduce the numbers of insect pests on the farm. You may help to preserve some local species which are now scarce because of changing habitat. Trees can be cut for timber for farm use. Farm woodlots properly managed may provide all your timber needs and where sales are possible will add to your income.


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