Signposts for Queensland: An Analysis of Future Pathways

In 2009 CSIRO conducted a global foresight study to identify five global megatrends that would impact on Australian communities, industries and governments over the coming two decades. These interlinked megatrends occur at the intersection of multiple trends and represent particularly significant patterns for economic, environmental and social change.

In late 2011 the Queensland Government Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI), the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist and CSIRO conducted a small research project asking the question: What do the five global megatrends mean for Queensland? The research methods involved a series of semi-structured interviews with relevant experts, an environmental scanning process to identify trends and issues and a consultative workshop. This report presents the findings in the form of five ~AOE^A^3signposts’ for Queensland.

In this report, each signpost is discussed in terms of its global context and the unique risks and opportunities presented for Queensland. Together, they describe issues that will affect Queensland’s economy (Accelerating Asia), its environment (Natural Advantage), its people (Hidden Treasure), its infrastructure and planning (Room to Move). Diligent Diversification’ showcases the importance of building a Queensland that is resilient to a
highly volatile global environment.



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This work was jointly funded by the Queensland Government Department of Employment Economic Development and Innovation and CSIRO and was prepared in collaboration with the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist.


Copyright Owner: State of Queensland


Littleboy, Anna (Author); Moody, James (Author); Wilhelmseder, Lisa (Author); Parsons, Richard (Author); Hajkowicz, Stefan (Author)


Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation: 2012